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Control paper clutter with an ongoing, scheduled service

Secure Mobile Shredding: Whitehorse’s On-Site Document Shredding Services

These days, the news is filled with the latest stories on high-tech crimes and data breaches, but did you know the majority of data theft is still carried out the old-fashioned way? It’s true. Your home or business’ garbage bins are a goldmine for thieves looking for personal information, financial records, bank statements—even a simple document with a name, telephone number and address—all these pieces of information can be used to commit identity fraud. Secure Mobile Shredding can help. Since 2008, we have been Whitehorse’s reliable source for document shredding. Secure Mobile Shredding also makes it easy. We come right to you and shred your paper and you can watch the whole process. You can save valuable time and leave the shredding to us.

We also supply document shredding bins to businesses, and shred on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. Learn more about our prices.

After your documents are shredded on-site, the materials are recycled locally. To discuss your document security and shredding needs, call Secure Mobile Shredding or watch our video today!

About NAID®

NAID® is the standard-setting body advocating for best practices in secure data destruction. NAID promotes a standard of best practices across governments and by service providers as well as product, equipment, and service suppliers globally.


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On-Site Document Shredding

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